Insight Agent Technology Brief

See our technology brief for more information on the Insight Agent's expected resource usage and data footprint.

The Insight Agent provides several overall and product specific benefits.

One-time installation

The Insight Agent only needs to be installed once per asset and will update automatically in the background. All Insight products utilize the same agent to perform their tasks.

Easy mass deployment

The Insight Agent certificate included with your download package is unique to your organization. You can use this single package to mass deploy the agent with patch management, group policy, or similar software.

Continuous monitoring on the front lines

According to a study by industry analysts at International Data Corporation (IDC), 70% of successful breaches start on the endpoint. Deploy the Insight Agent across your environment to mitigate against this significant attack surface.

Empowerment of your Insight products

The data collected by the Insight Agent unlocks the cloud capabilities of your Insight products.


  • Track remote assets that are only intermittently connected to your network.
  • Perform vulnerability assessments on assets without hindering their functionality with a resource-costly scan.
  • Monitor assets without having to store their credentials.


  • Monitor assets in real time, including authentications, running processes, and account information.
  • Bait hackers with opt-in Honey Credentials and address areas of exposure.
  • Perform advanced detections, such as highlighting protocol poisoning.
  • Collect in-depth response data with on-demand endpoint jobs.
  • As an InsightIDR Ultimate customer, use Velociraptor for Digital Forensics and Incident Response (DFIR).


  • Send the contents of any log file in real time for investigation and analysis.
  • Send asset resource utilization metrics.