Insight Agent Software Updates

Insight Agent versions 2.0 and later include an update manager that is separate from the data collection component of the software. This update manager helps streamline agent updates on your endpoint and allows for broad update coordination across your organization.

Update Process

The update manager periodically beacons the Insight platform to check for available Insight Agent software updates. If a software update is available, the update manager starts the update process.

The update manager retrieves agent software updates from the Insight platform according to the following communication path priority order:

  1. Through a Collector
  2. Through a proxy (if enabled)
  3. Directly from the Insight platform

Hardware Cache Utilization

If your endpoint hardware supports caching, the Insight Agent will utilize this system cache to avoid collecting duplicate data.

Update Manager Behavior

Update managers continuously monitor software updates and have rules in place to prevent unnecessary bandwidth usage. Actual bandwidth usage during an update varies significantly depending on the system on which the agent is installed, but you can read more about general resource usage in our technology brief.

In cases where the agent fails to update, the update manager will automatically retry until the update succeeds.

Simultaneous Agent Updates Are Limited

Depending on the size of your organization, your endpoints may receive agent updates at different times. The number of simultaneous agent updates will not exceed the allowable limit in order to avoid the process impact that would come with an organization-wide update call. As agents finish updating, other agents will start their own updates as long as the limit has not been exceeded.

If your organization requires an adjustment to this simultaneous update limit, see the Agent update throttle controls section of the Agent Management settings article.