Advanced Installation Options Overview

The Insight Agent has several advanced installation options that can be configured to customize an agent's update, connectivity, and InsightVM tagging behavior. These articles cover each of the options in detail.

Disable Insight Agent updates

The Insight Agent update settings can be configured on the organization level from the Insight Platform using Agent Management. If you want to prevent a specific agent or a group of agents from updating regardless of your organization's setting, you can disable updates during the agent's installation.

Configure proxy settings

Installed Insight Agents must be allowed to communicate with the Insight Platform in order to power your Insight products and services. It is common for organizations to not allow direct communication from an asset to the Insight Platform and to route asset traffic through a proxy server instead. If you utilize a proxy in your environment, follow proxy configuration instructions to ensure the Agent can successfully send data to the Insight Platform.

Set Insight Agent attributes

If you subscribe to InsightVM, you can label and group your deployed agents in InsightVM in ways that are meaningful to your organization using asset tags. See the agent attributes article for details on how configure each of your Insight Agents with a custom tag.