The Insight Agent is lightweight software you can install on supported assets—in the cloud or on-premises—to easily centralize and monitor data on the Insight platform. The Insight Agent gives you endpoint visibility and detection by collecting live system information—including basic asset identification information, running processes, and logs—from your assets and sending this data back to the Insight platform for analysis. The Insight Agent can be installed directly on Windows, Linux, or Mac assets. Each Insight Agent only collects data from the endpoint on which it is installed.

Looking for information on the InsightIDR Endpoint Scan?

InsightIDR customers can use the Endpoint Scan instead of the Insight Agent to run "agentless scans" that deploy along the collector and not through installed software. Rapid7 recommends using the Insight Agent over the Endpoint Scan because the Insight Agent collects real-time data, is capable of more detections, and allows you to use the Scheduled Forensics feature. For more information, read the Endpoint Scan documentation.