Edit and Delete User Accounts

You may need to edit an existing Insight Platform user’s account details, permissions, or product access, or you may need to delete their account. You can do all of this from the User Management page of the Insight Platform.

To edit a user’s account details, permissions, and product access:

  1. From the User Management page, click the pencil icon. A panel appears with editing options.
  2. Select User Details, Role Management, or Product Assignment.
    • User Details - Edit the user’s first name, last name, reset their multi-factor authentication, or reset their account
    • Role Management - Edit the user’s roles, and enable or disable Platform Administration access
    • Product Assignment - Add and remove product assignments
  3. When you’re done making edits, click Save.

To delete a user’s account:

  1. From the User Management page, click the trashcan icon.
  2. Click the Yes, remove user button to confirm.

Delete an Insight Platform Trial Account

You don’t have to contact Rapid7 to delete your company’s trial Insight Platform account. You can save time and delete it yourself. First, delete all Insight Platform user accounts from the User Management page. Then, click the gear icon in the left navigation menu to access the Company Settings page and click Delete this Account in the top right corner of the page. Delete this Account button on Company Profile page Deleting your company’s trial Insight Platform account removes the associated customer record along with all associated organizations, and product licenses from the Insight Platform.

Get Help Deleting Your Account

If you can’t delete your account yourself, you need to delete only a specific organization or product instead of the entire company account, or you have questions about deleting product data, submit a case through the Customer Portal for assistance.