Managed Multi Org User Management

If you are a Rapid7 Managed Detection and Response (MDR) Services customer, you can easily manage multiple organizations within the same environment.

This article contains important things to consider when setting up a managed multi-org environment.

Organizations in Insight Products

An organization is a logical grouping within your company that uses one or more of your Insight products. Organizations are commonly used when you have several teams that all need to access the same Insight solution, but maintain their own set of data.

How a typical multi-org setup works

  1. Rapid7 assigns one Platform Admin to your parent org.
  2. This Platform Admin can then create other users. These users can then be added to either the parent org, child orgs, or both.
  3. Typically, the Platform Admins from the parent org has access to all orgs for full visibility into all org environments and reports.
  4. As a Platform Admin or user granted access to more than one org, you will be able to switch between orgs by using tabs at the top of the InsightIDR platform. Once you’ve selected the org you’d like to view, you will then have the option to go into the IDR instance or the Services Portal for reports.
  5. As a User who has been granted access to only one org, you will not see the other orgs at all in the platform.

SSO authentication

Only one external identity provider can be configured per platform. All orgs within one platform customer account must use the same identity provider if you intend to enable SSO authentication.

Role considerations

Platform admins will be able to grant access for themselves and all users to all additional orgs and products configured under the parent org. Org admins will be able to add themselves and any existing platform users to only their org’s products, including the services portal.

Services Portal

In order for users to receive notifications when reports are uploaded to the Services Portal, they will need to be added to the account team after being granted access to the Services Portal through User Management.

Add Users to a multi-org environment

To add users to a multi-org environment, follow the instructions for adding users.

Enable Services Portal notifications

In order to enable notifications for the Services Portal, the additional step needs to be taken after users are granted access.

  1. As an Admin or Platform Admin, log in to your Rapid7 product and choose the org that you want to enable notifications for.
  2. Select the Services Portal.
  3. Under Active Services, click on Managed Detection & Response.
  4. Scroll down to ensure all users who would like to receive notifications when reports are uploaded are listed under Team.
  5. To add users, click the + icon. You will only be able to add users who have already been given access to the Services Portal in User Management.