Navigate the Insight Platform

With the Insight Platform, it’s easy to get where you need to go.

Insight Platform Home

Landing on Platform Home

If you have access to multiple Insight products, you arrive at the Platform Home page when you first log in. But if you only have access to one Insight product, or you’ve set a different custom landing page, you’ll arrive on an Insight product home page. You can then go to Platform Home by selecting My Account from the product dropdown menu in the upper-left.

Open your Insight products

All the Insight products and services that your organization is subscribed to, and that you have been given access to, appear on the Platform Home page. Just click the Open button in a product card to access that product in your current tab.

Alternatively, you can open the product dropdown menu under My Account in the upper-left, and click a product name to open it in a new tab.

You can request access to any product your organization is subscribed to on your Platform Home screen. In similar fashion, Product Administrators can request a trial for any product to which the organization is not currently subscribed. The process for requesting access to other products varies depending on the user management system in place for your organization.

Explore your account

After opening a product, you can always navigate back to Platform Home by selecting My Account from the product dropdown menu.

Depending on your assigned user roles, you may have the ability to manage users and data collection components from the Insight Platform. You can access those features from the left menu.

Set a custom landing page

You can update your Insight Platform Profile Settings, including which page appears by default when you log in, within the Insight Platform. Select Profile Settings from the dropdown menu under your name. A panel appears in which you can update your name and visual preferences, and set your Default Landing Page.

Default Landing Page setting in Profile Settings

Check your data region

The upper right corner of the Platform Home page displays a tag with the cloud storage region that your organization is provisioned for. Several Rapid7 components and services (such as Insight Agents, Collectors, and cloud-based APIs) require the necessary Insight Platform connectivity to function properly. Use the region code shown in this tag to determine which endpoints you need to configure firewall rules for.

Data storage regions