User Management

User Management provides a central location to create and manage users who need access to Rapid7 products. The following user roles are available:

Platform and Product Administrators

You can combine both admin roles for a user to complete product and platform actions.

Use the Insight Platform’s role-based access control framework to manage user permissions and capabilities. The following actions are available to users, depending on their role:



Add and Manage Users on the Insight platform

Platform Admin

Add Users to a Product

Product Admin of the specific product

Request Product Access

All users

Grant Product Access

Platform or Product Admin

Note: Multi-product access is available for all users when a Platform administrator creates a new user on the platform.

Request to Start a Free Trial

Product Admin

Grant Free Trial Request

Platform Admin

See product roles for specific privileges related to your role in a product or service.

Platform Administrator

This is a global or platform-wide user. A Platform Administrator has full access to the platform administrative console and can perform any of the following organization-wide operations:

  • Changing subscriptions for Rapid7 products and services
  • Adding, deleting, and managing users
  • Changing the organization profile
  • Managing the platform-wide settings
  • Add other platform administrators
  • Add users to provide access to the Customer Portal
  • We recommend having at least 2 platform administrators so the other administrator can act as a backup.

Platform admins do not have product access by default and cannot complete product actions unless assigned to a product.

Product Administrator

This is a product specific user. A Product Administrator can view and access all data, perform any functions within a product, and manage product settings. Product Admins have permission to add, manage, and delete other users to/from the same product, as well as change user roles within a product.

Product administrators cannot add platform administrators.

Read/Write Users

Users with Read/Write access can view and edit all data within the product or service they are assigned. Read/Write Users cannot perform any administrative actions for the product or the Insight platform or change any product settings.

Read-Only Users

Read-Only Users can view all data within a product, but they cannot edit or manage it in any way.

Read-Only users can access the Customer Portal and see support cases submitted by other users in their company.