User Management

User Management provides a central location to create and manage users who need access to Rapid7 products. The following user roles are available:

Platform and Product Administrators

You can combine both admin roles for a user to complete product and platform actions.

SSO authentication

If you decide to use SSO authentication, platform administrators will no longer be able to add users to the Insight Platform. All new users must be added through your external identity provider.

Use the Insight Platform’s role-based access control framework to manage user permissions and capabilities. The following actions are available to users, depending on their role:



Add and Manage Users on the Insight platform

Platform Admin

Add Users to a Product

Product Admin of the specific product

Request Product Access

All users

Grant Product Access

Platform or Product Admin

Note: Multi-product access is available for all users when a Platform administrator creates a new user on the platform.

Request to Start a Free Trial

Product Admin

Grant Free Trial Request

Platform Admin

See product roles for specific privileges related to your role in a product or service.

Platform Administrator

This is a global or platform-wide user. A Platform Administrator has full access to the platform administrative console and can perform any of the following organization-wide operations:

  • Changing subscriptions for Rapid7 products and services
  • Adding, deleting, and managing users
  • Changing the organization profile
  • Managing the platform-wide settings
  • Add other platform administrators
  • Add users to provide access to the Customer Portal
  • We recommend having at least 2 platform administrators so the other administrator can act as a backup.

Platform admins do not have product access by default and cannot complete product actions unless assigned to a product.

Product Administrator

This is a product specific user. A Product Administrator can view and access all data, perform any functions within a product, and manage product settings. Product Admins have permission to add, manage, and delete other users to/from the same product, as well as change user roles within a product.

Product administrators cannot add platform administrators.

Read/Write Users

Users with Read/Write access can view and edit all data within the product or service they are assigned. Read/Write Users cannot perform any administrative actions for the product or the Insight platform or change any product settings.

Read-Only Users

Read-Only Users can view all data within a product, but they cannot edit or manage it in any way.

Read-Only users can access the Customer Portal and see support cases submitted by other users in their company.