Track Activity with Audit Logging

Audit Logging allows you to record user driven and automated activity relating to your InsightAppSec events. For every action, you can see the time the action occurred and for manual activity, the user who completed the action. By enabling Audit Logging, you can track activity within the Insight Platform and InsightAppSec, and investigate who did what, when. Audit Logging will also help you fulfill compliance requirements if these details are requested by an external auditor.

Admin Access Required

You must have Administrator permissions to enable Audit Logging and to view Audit Log events. For more information on enabling Audit Logging, see Audit Logging in the Platform help.

InsightAppSec Audit Log Events

This section outlines all of the Audit Log events that InsightAppSec tracks. The events are sorted into the following categories:

  • App
  • Target
  • Scan Config
  • File

App Events

APP_CREATEDNew app was createdApp 'Banking' CREATED with description 'Core Banking Application' by user 'Mark Hamill'
APP_UPDATEDApp was updatedApp 'Banking' UPDATED by user 'Sai Cohen'
APP_DELETEDApp was deletedApp 'Banking' DELETED by user 'Mark Hamill'

Target Events

TARGET_CREATEDNew target was createdTarget '' CREATED with description 'bank endpoint' by user 'Mark Hamill'
TARGET_UPDATEDTarget was enabled or disabled- Target '' ENABLED-TRUE by user 'Binh Nguyen'
- Target '' ENABLED-FALSE by user 'Binh Nguyen'
TARGET_DELETEDTarget was deletedTarget '' DELETED by user 'Mark Hamill'

Scan Config Events

SCAN_CONFIG_CREATEDNew scan config was createdScan Config 'High Risk' CREATED in App 'Banking' by user 'Mark Hamill'
SCAN_CONFIG_UPDATEDScan config was updatedScan Config 'High Risk' UPDATED in App 'Banking' by user 'Ari Patel'
SCAN_CONFIG_DELETEDScan config was deletedScan Config 'High Risk' DELETED from App 'Banking' by user 'Mark Hamill'

File Events

FILE_CREATEDNew file was createdFile 'macro_01_admin.rec' of type 'MACRO' CREATED by user 'Sai Cohen'
FILE_CONTENT_UPLOADEDNew file was uploaded to the appFile 'macro_01_admin.rec' UPLOADED to App 'Banking' by user 'Sai Cohen'
FILE_DETAILS_UPDATEDFile was updatedFile 'macro_01_admin.rec' of type 'MACRO' UPDATED in App 'Banking' by user 'Sai Cohen'
FILE_DOWNLOADEDFile was downloadedFile 'macro_01_admin.rec' DOWNLOADED from App 'Banking' by user 'Ari Patel'
FILE_DELETEDFile was deleted from the appFile 'macro_01_admin.rec' DELETED from App 'Banking' by user 'Sai Cohen'