Failed Scan Status Codes

Troubleshooting with too many potential issues can be a painstaking process. Failed statuses fall into two categories - platform failures and engine failures. Platform failures occur when there is an issue with the Rapid7 Insight Platform. Engine failures occur when there is an issue with the specific Scan Engine that you're attempting to utilize. Status codes help you find a starting point to get your scan back up and running.

If a scan fails to complete, a modal summarizing the potential issue displays the following status codes:

Platform failures:

Description: This status code displays when you run a Bootstrap Authentication scan and the file that the user recorded for login is invalid.
Action: Record valid login information.
Description: The platform is having difficulty identifying the Scan Engine.
Action: Examine your scan engine to discern if it is configured properly.
Description: You have canceled a scan.
Action: If cancelation was not intentional, run again.
Description: There is an issue with scan configuration. This most often occurs when there is an issue with a URL.
Action: See the platform log for specific information about why your current configuration is invalid.
Description: There is a target/seed URL mismatch.
Action: Check the platform log for additional details and information.
Description: This is a generic status code that displays when the system is responsible for an error.
Action: Re-run the scan.

Engine failures:

Description: Authentication has failed due to improper configuration or from a potential issue with a previously uploaded authentication file. For example a Macro, Traffic, or Selenium file.
Description: The engine database has exceeded maximum size.
Action: Rerun the scan. If this issue reoccurs, contact our support team.
Description: The scan has failed to start. This is typically caused by device or hardware problems.
Description: You are running out of storage on your machine.
Action: Run smaller scans or increasing the VM size.
Description: Your machine does not have enough memory to properly run a scan.
Action: Increase the amount of RAM that is allocated to InsightAppSec.
Description: The site being scanned is offline.
Action: Check your network for potential issues.
Description:: A fatal error occurred when creating a report.
Action:: Re-run the scan. If this error persists, contact our support team.
Description: There are issues with parsing an attached swagger file.
Action: Review your swagger tools for potential issues. Ensure your files are parseable, as files that are rejected by are not compatible with our engine.
Description: The thread count is greater than the maximum allowed.
Action: Reduce your thread count. To view thread count parameters, see the error message in additional logs > `operation log`.