Schedules and Blackouts

The Schedule section lets you schedule periodic scans by specifying the frequency and the date and time for the first scan to begin. For example, you can create multiple apps related to the login, admin, and user activity sections of your app and schedule them to be tested for vulnerabilities at different times of the month, in order to balance the load on your network.

You can also schedule blackouts for times when there is heavy user traffic on your application. Blackouts can be one-time or recurring, and you can configure the start and end times for a blackout.


If a scan is scheduled to begin during a blackout period, the scan will be queued to start after the blackout period. The "Next Start" column takes blackouts into consideration and provides the actual starting time for your next scheduled scan.


If a scan is paused longer than 24 hours because of blackouts, it will be automatically stopped and the results up to that point, including any discovered vulnerabilities, will be retained.