Application Tagging

Tagging allows you to group apps based on your unique requirements so that you can search for apps and find vulnerabilities within those apps.

Use tags to group applications together using the structure you want. For example, you may want to group apps based on whether they are on an intranet, public facing, or by the geographical region they service:

  • North America
  • South America
  • EMEA
  • APAC

You can see which tags have been applied to an app in the Apps table and also in the header of the App page.

Tags applied to an app

Tag an app

You can tag an app from several locations:

  • Manage App drawer - You can optionally add tags.
  • Apps page - You can bulk edit apps to add tags.
  • Add a New App page - You can optionally add tags.

App tagging from the Manage App drawer

The Tags field uses type-ahead and will try to match the text entered with existing tags. If no existing tag is found, you can create one on the fly and add the new tag by clicking Create tag name. Click Save to update the app with the selected tag or tags.

Tags applied to an app

App tagging on the Apps page

You can tag multiple apps at once by selecting app checkboxes and using the Add Tags button on the Apps screen.

Tagging multiple apps

In the Select tags field, type to view existing tags. If the tag doesn't exist, you can type the full tag name and click Create tag name.

Tag name type ahead

Search for tags

You can search for tags in two locations:

  • Apps page - Returns all apps assigned specified tag or tags
  • Vulnerabilities page - Returns all vulnerabilities contained within apps assigned specified tag or tags

Tag searching on the Apps page

Use the option in the filter bar on the Apps page to return apps containing specific tags. The filter bar uses type ahead to help you select existing tags.

Search for tagged apps

Tag searching on the Vulnerabilities page

Use the option in the filter bar on the Vulnerabilities page to return all vulns within apps containing specific tags.

Search for vulnerabilities in tagged apps

Managing Tags

A new Tags menu item allows for editing and deleting of tags.

Tag menu item

The Tags view shows you all of your tags in a standard table view. Use the search function to find Tags. From here you can:

  • Create new tags which can be used throughout all apps
  • Edit the names of existing tags
  • Delete tags that are no longer used

Create a Tag

You can create tags for users to apply to their apps.

Create a tag

There is no limit on the number of tags you can create.

Edit a Tag

You can edit a tag by selecting the tag in the table and editing the tag name in the drawer. Click Save to commit your changes.

Delete a Tag

You can delete one or more tags by selecting the tags in the tag table and clicking Delete Tags.

Deleting a tag

Deleting a tag disassociates it from any apps it was applied to.