Set up and Manage Cloud Accounts

InsightCloudSec currently supports adding a cloud account from the following Cloud Service Providers (CSPs):

Account onboarding experience by role

Before you can begin the onboarding process, you'll need to navigate to the Cloud Account Onboarding interface, which provides a different experience depending on the type of user you are:

First-time UserInsightCloudSec is freshly deployed and this will be the first time a Cloud Service Provider (CSP) has been onboarded.Platform Users:
Onboarding wizard launched from Platform Home by clicking the InsightCloudSec tile.

InsightCloudSec Only Users:
The onboarding wizard appears automatically after logging in using your unique InsightCloudSec URL.
Returning UserInsightCloudSec has one or more CSPs already onboarded and you would like to add a new account.Launched from within InsightCloudSec. Not a wizard.
Admin UserYou can login to the cloud provider and have the appropriate access to grant InsightCloudSec access to your account(s).As an admin, you will need to complete some specific tasks within your Cloud Service Provider's (CSP) console to generate details needed for onboarding that either you or a non-admin user can input to InsightCloudSec.
Non-Admin UserYou can interact with InsightCloudSec and would like to onboard an account(s) but do not have the appropriate CSP access to grant InsightCloudSec access to your account(s).You will need to copy and send a message to the admin asking them to complete specific tasks and provide you with the information you need to complete onboarding.

Onboarding an account for the first time

As a first-time user (admin or non-admin), the cloud account onboarding wizard automatically launches when you open InsightCloudSec.

Connect a cloud account using the wizard

  1. Login to InsightCloudSec using one of the methods below:
    • In the Insight Platform, click InsightCloudSec to launch the onboarding wizard.
    • Open a browser window to your unique InsightCloudSec URL and login. The onboarding wizard will appear automatically.
  2. On the Welcome screen, review key features and capabilities, then click Onboard a Cloud Account.
  3. On the Cloud Service Providers screen, select the CSP you want to onboard and follow the on-screen instructions to configure and connect the account.

Onboard additional cloud accounts

After a cloud account is successfully onboarded, returning admin or non-admin users can onboard more cloud accounts from within InsightCloudSec. There is no onboarding wizard, but the steps are the same.

Connect additional cloud accounts

  1. In InsightCloudSec, go to Clouds > Cloud Accounts, and click Add Cloud.
  2. Select the CSP you want to connect and complete the required fields.
  3. Click Connect.

Managing existing cloud accounts

After you connect one or more cloud accounts, you can manage and review specific cloud account details.

View cloud accounts

  1. Go to Cloud > Cloud Accounts > Listing.
  2. To view details for a specific cloud account including accounts that are part of a Cloud Organization, click the account name.

Remove cloud accounts

Users with the appropriate permissions can remove a cloud account from InsightCloudSec through the Clouds Listing page.

Removing versus deleting cloud accounts

Removing the cloud account via this method will only remove it from the InsightCloudSec application. To delete or permanently remove a cloud account, complete the action through the CSP.

If the account you're removing is part of an existing CSP Organization that is recognized by InsightCloudSec, the account ID will be automatically added to that organization's "skip" list so the account will not be harvested in the future.

Remove a cloud account

  1. Go to Cloud > Cloud Accounts and click the account you want to remove.
  2. On the Settings tab, click Remove Cloud Account to remove the target cloud account from the InsightCloudSec application.

Cloud Organizations

In InsightCloudSec, the Organizations section of the platform is where you manage your connected cloud service provider-based Organization(s), available from Cloud > Cloud Accounts and click the Organizations tab. This section of the tool allows you to add and remove CSP-related Organizations and update configuration information for existing ones.

Cloud Organizations should not be confused with the InsightCloudSec-specific Organizations capability that allows for multi-tenant functionality available under System Administration > Organizations.

Organization Account Discovery

As of InsightCloudSec version 23.6.6, upon completing the onboarding wizard, InsightCloudSec can automatically detect a Cloud Organization and its child accounts; from there, you can have InsightCloudSec automatically onboard the child accounts. Review the CSP-specific onboarding pages for more information.

Add an Organization

InsightCloudSec currently supports adding a Cloud Organization for Amazon Web Services, Azure , and Google Cloud Platform.

  1. Go to Cloud > Cloud Accounts.
  2. On the Organizations tab, click Add Organization.

Modifying an Organization

  1. Go to Cloud > Cloud Accounts.
  2. On the Organizations tab, next to the organization you want to modify, click Edit (hamburger icons) and click Edit Organization.
  3. Modify the fields as necessary.

Delete a Cloud Organization from InsightCloudSec

This will not delete the Organization within the associated Cloud Service Provider; it will just stop harvesting information for the Organization (and its child accounts) and remove it from InsightCloudSec.

  1. Go to Cloud > Cloud Accounts.
  2. On the Organizations tab, select the organization you want to delete.
  3. Click the Delete icon.