CLI IaC Scanning Tool Setup

The command line interface (CLI) Infrastructure as Code (IaC) scanning tool, referred to as mimics, can be accessed using two methods: a downloadable executable locally or using Docker and a publicly-available repository/image.

For a high-level overview of IaC Security (including prerequisites to get started) check out the IaC Security Overview.

Alternative Scanning Method

If using a local executable or Docker are not possible in your organization, reach out to us using the Customer Support Portal for alternative scanning methods.


Using mimics via Docker is most likely preferable if you're attempting to integrate with a CI/CD pipeline. It's also more convenient, as setup is easy and you don't have to worry about downloading a new version of the executable.

Review CI/CD Tool Integrations for more information on integrating with these pipelines.*

The only setup required: Download the appropriate version of Docker for your environment.

Local Executable

Using mimics via a local executable is most likely preferable if you're a developer that will be testing your IaC setup ad-hoc. To setup the mimics executable locally:

  1. Download one of the following files, based on your environment:

Rename Executable

When you download the executable, the file name will be suffixed with the version and architecture. We recommend renaming the executable to mimics (for Mac/Linux) or mimics.exe (for Windows) for ease of use. The examples below and on other pages utilize a simplified executable name.

  1. From a terminal, change directory to the location of the executable script file.

Follow the remaining steps based on your operating system:

For Mac or Linux Users

  1. Run the following command: chmod +x ./mimics.
  2. Open/execute the file with ./mimics. This should display the help menu.

For Windows Users

  1. Run the following command: mimics.exe. This should display the help menu.