Integrations Overview

InsightCloudSec is designed to integrate with external systems for both inbound (data aggregation, data collection) and outbound (notifications, ticketing) actions. Integrations within InsightCloudSec enables easy configuration of third-party integrations, such as those for Slack, PagerDuty, ServiceNow, and others. Go to Administration > Integrations to get started.

Integrations Landing Page

In addition to the integrations listed on this page, we also provide Jinja2 templating capabilities.

Working With Integrations

Adding an Integration

To get started with a specific integration simply select Edit from the panel for the specific integration you are interested in. Each Integration also includes a Docs link to open the specific documentation page with instructions for that particular tool.

Editing and Deleting Integrations

Each tool available for integration will include an Edit option regardless of configuration status. The Delete option (trashcan icon) only appears for integrations that have already been configured.

Integration Scope

Integration configurations are bound to a single InsightCloudSec organization. When using an integration across multiple organizations, the integration will need to be configured separately for each organization.

We are continually developing new integrations, so this list will grow over time. Contact us through the Customer Support Portal if you want to use an integration that is not listed below.