Tag Resources

Tagging has become the industry standard for effectively managing cloud infrastructure at scale. The Tag Explorer feature of InsightCloudSec allows you to audit and identify resources that contain (or do not contain) one or more tag keys. Tag Explorer supports many of the resources used today across compute, containers, storage, network, and User Management resource types.

Effective tagging can help identify resources for a variety of automation activities. Tags built to help guide automation can help flag resources to opt in or opt out of automated tasks or to identify specific versions of resources to generate reporting, revise, or remove.

Add a tag

  1. Go to Inventory > Tag Explorer.
  2. If this is the first tag, click Get Started.
  3. If tags exist and you want to create a new tag, click Add New.
  4. In the Tag Configuration window, enter one or more tag keys.
  5. To filter for only the resources that have the tags, select Contains all tags.
  6. To filter for only the resources that do not have the tags, select Missing all tags.
  7. Select whether the tags are case sensitive.
  8. Select the resources from the Resource Types list.
  9. Click Create.

View tagged or untagged resources

  1. Go to Inventory > Tag Explorer.
  2. Click the tag you want to find resources for.
  3. To refine your results, click Scopes and configure the scope.
  4. Select which Cloud accounts to include.
  5. Select which Badges to include.
  6. Click Update.
  7. Review results.

Tag Explorer

Tag Explorer’s output is a visual breakdown of tagged (or untagged) resources--shown graphically at the top, and listed with detail below. You can search this list in InsightCloudSec or download a CSV of this data for your reporting/distribution purposes.

In the example below, the scoped resources show that:

  • 8.7% are tagged with Name, 91.3% are not tagged with Name
  • 1.0% are tagged with Environment, 99.0% are not tagged with Environment

Tag Explorer