Changes to the User Interface and Experience

For enhanced usability, a cohesive experience across Rapid7 products, and moving away from the Angular codebase, we improved the user experience through changes to the user interface (UI).

Cloud Listing Page

The Cloud Listing page, accessed from Cloud > Cloud Accounts > Listing, has been improved to display the most important information and actions without overloading the screen. Changes include the following:

UI ElementChange description
Download missing permissionsTo quickly export these missing permissions instead of taking screenshots or provisioning a basic user, you can now download the missing permissions in each cloud account to send to the Azure admin who can update the correct permissions.
Table layoutSome less utilized columns were combined to improve usability.
Color schemeThe color scheme now uses dark mode.
Harvesting controlsMore intuitive controls: Start, Pause, and Stop
Improved experiences for in-page windowsThe display and experience for the following in-page windows is improved:
  • Migrating clouds to organizations
  • Managing badges
  • Managing disabled resources
  • CSV Download
CSV downloadsCSV downloads are asynchronous, so you can navigate to another page while the download is in progress.
FiltersFilter upgrades improve filtering capabilities
PerformanceWe improved performance and fixed bugs
ActionsSome actions have been moved.
Bulk operationsBulk operations are no longer icons at the top left, they are always present and are activated when a user selects bulk operations.

Previous Cloud Listing page

Before version 23.8.1, the Clouds listing page looked as follows.

Previous Cloud Listing page

Updated Cloud Listing page

As of version 23.8.1, the Clouds listing page looks as follows.

Current Cloud Listing page

Product Documentation

To provide a consistent product documentation experience across all Rapid7 products, the InsightCloudSec product documentation moved from to Changes to the documentation experience include the following:

  • Reorganized menu with high-level headers for improved navigation and content grouping
  • Consolidation of smaller, related help pages into a single page of helpful content. For example, Layered Content - User Guide is now part of the Layered Context help page to present all relevant information in one place.
  • Less screenshots to reduce the amount of scrolling on each page and provide the same level of detail without a redundant image.
  • The release notes will be in a different location (separate from the documentation):
  • API Documentation displays all calls and has an easily navigable sample and testing area

Previous product documentation

Before version 23.8.1, the product documentation looked as follows.

Previous Product documentation

Updated product documentation

As of version 23.8.1, the product documentation looks as follows.

Updated Product documentation