Use an Action Step

This type of step executes an action within the course of a workflow. Actions are provided by the plugins that are installed in InsightConnect. These action steps allow users to first choose their plugin source, choose the desired action within that source, and then configure the details of that action to be added to the given workflow.

To add an action step:

  1. Choose a plugin from the list of currently installed plugins.
  2. Choose an action from the list of available actions supported by the plugin.
  3. Choose a healthy orchestrator to run the plugin action from.
  4. Add a new connection or choose an existing one to use with the plugin.
    • Each plugin requires different information for its connections. Refer to plugin docs for configuration help.
  5. Name the step. This should uniquely identify the step in a workflow, as the step name will be used to reference output variables created by the step by {{[Step Name].variable}}.
  6. Configure any input required by the step.
  7. Configure any output the step will produce. Some actions pre-format step output, but you can modify these by clicking on the Edit button.
  8. Click Save to exit and add the step to your workflow.

Additional Resources

If you have further questions relating to InsightConnect, try starting a discussion in the Rapid7 Discuss community forum.

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