Configure Slack for ChatOps

ChatOps steps are automated tools that interact with your chat apps. The Rapid7 InsightConnect Slack App allows you to use ChatOps actions with your Slack workspaces.

To create this ChatOps step:

  1. Install the InsightConnect App in Slack
  2. Configure ChatOps in InsightConnect

Install the Rapid7 InsightConnect App in your Slack Workspace

Before you add your workspace to InsightConnect, you’ll need to:

  1. Find a Slack Administrator if you are not an Slack admin for your organization
  2. Install the Rapid7 InsightConnect Slack App

Find a Slack Administrator

If you’re not an administrator of your organization’s Slack workspace, contact one to approve the Rapid7 InsightConnect app. You won’t be able to configure a ChatOps step until the app is approved for other users in your workspace.

To find your Slack administrators from a web browser, log into your Slack account at, then visit https://<your-workspace-url>

To find your Slack administrators from Slack for desktop, click on the workspace name in the top left corner to open the settings menu, then click Customize Slack. This will open your organization’s Slack settings in a browser window. Now visit https://<your-workspace-url>

Alternatively, navigate to the administrators page in your slack settings with these steps:

  1. Click on __Customize Slack __ as previously instructed.
  2. In the browser window that opens, click Menu in the top left corner, then About this workspace.
  3. Click on the Admins & Owners tab.
  4. Note the Slack username and email address of your workspace admins, then provide them with the administrator setup instructions in an email or Slack message.

Install the InsightConnect Slack App

One of your organization’s Slack administrators should follow these instructions to approve the Rapid7 InsightConnect app for your workspace.

To set up the Rapid7 InsightConnect Slack App for your organization’s workspace:

  1. Navigate to it in the Slack App Directory in your Slack settings, or click here for a direct link. Click the Install link and then click the Authorize button.
  2. In a web browser, navigate to the App Manager in your Slack settings. The URL should be something like https://<<your-workspace-url>>
  3. Locate “Rapid7 InsightConnect” under the “Restricted Apps” section, then click the Approve button for the Rapid7 InsightConnect Slack App. This enables other users in your organization to configure the your workspace for InsightConnect workflows.
  4. Let your team know when you’ve approved the app for their use.

Configure ChatOps in InsightConnect

Once one of your Slack administrators approves the Rapid7 InsightConnect Slack App for your organization, you’re ready to configure ChatOps steps in InsightConnect.

To configure ChatOps in InsightConnect:

  1. Add Your Workspace to InsightConnect
  2. Add a ChatOps Step to a Workflow

Add your Workspace to InsightConnect

Before you configure a ChatOps step action, you will be prompted to link your workspace to InsightConnect. You can do this from:

  • the ChatOps Manager
  • the workflow builder

Make sure you are signed into the correct Slack workspace in the browser. You can do this by using the Customize Slack link in your workspace’s desktop instance, or by visiting Any Slack URLs should have your workspace name appended to the beginning of the domain, like https://<your-workspace-url>

Add a Workspace from the ChatOps Manager

To add a new workspace to InsightConnect from the ChatOps manager:

  1. In InsightConnect, select the ChatOps tab under the Settings and Plugins & Tools dropdown found on the left hand side menu.
  2. Click the Add Slack Workspace button.
  3. Click Authorize on the Slack installation page that opens. You’ll be notified if the installation was successful.
  4. Return to InsightConnect and refresh the window. The newly added workspace will display.

Add a Workspace from the Workflow Builder

To add a new workspace in the workflow builder:

  1. Click the + button in the workflow builder canvas where you want to create a ChatOps step or trigger.
  2. If creating a ChatOps trigger, select Slack App from the “From Chat Apps” section of available trigger options. If adding a new step, select ChatOps from the list of available step types. Then click Continue.
  3. Click + Add a New Workspace.
  4. Click the Add to Slack button.
  5. Click Authorize on the Slack installation page that opens. You’ll be notified if the installation was successful.
  6. Return to your InsightConnect window, then click Check for New Workspaces. The newly added workspace will appear.