Configure Workflow Parameters

Parameters allow a variable to be created and defined once and then leveraged multiple times within a workflow. You can edit a Parameter's value after you've created it.

Create a Parameter

To create a parameter:

  1. Open a Workflow and enter the Builder.
  2. Click Parameters at the top right. The Workflow Parameters panel opens on the left side of the Builder.
  3. Click Add a Workflow Parameter and populate the following fields:
    • Name (ex: "Help Slack Channel")
    • Parameter Type (ex: "string")
    • Description (optional)
    • Current Value (ex: "#help_slack_channel")

Saving a Parameter without a Current Value

You can save a Parameter without a Current Value, but the workflow can not be activated until a value is assigned.

View and Edit Current Parameters

Once you create a parameter, you can view and edit your parameters from the main Control Panel and from the Builder. You must be in the Builder to create a new Parameter.

Implement a Parameter

To implement a Parameter:

  • Enter the Builder and create or open the desired Step.
  • In the desired Input field, open the variable selector (+) on the bottom right. Saved parameters will be in the dropdown along with outputs from any previous steps.