Home Page Widgets

Visit your “Home” page to get a quick glimpse of your InsightConnect activity. The following sections describe the widgets available on the home page.

What’s Happening

These widgets provide a brief overview of your automated processes in InsightConnect. You can adjust the time range for both of these widgets.

Completed Jobs

Quickly view the number of jobs created by your workflows in your desired date range, and compare the volume of your successful jobs to failed jobs. Use this information to troubleshoot workflows with many failed jobs.

Time Saved

If you add “estimated human time cost” information to a workflow’s settings, you can review how much time you save by automating that security process. You can review how much time you save within a selected date range, as well as any upward or downward trends in time saved.

Action Needed

These widgets call your attention to the items you need to address in InsightConnect.

Decisions Required

View jobs with outstanding human decision requests, and quickly link to the “Decision Required” page if you have many decisions pending in InsightConnect.

Attention Needed

Quickly review failed jobs or unhealthy orchestrators in order to determine if any of them require troubleshooting or further action. Click View All to access filtered lists of failed jobs or orchestrators with warnings or errors.

Dig Deeper

These widgets help you gain a deeper understanding of your automation activity. You can adjust the time range for both of these widgets.

Time to Human Decision

Learn how long it takes your team to respond to human decision requests, and the number of jobs responded to within different time frames.

Plugin Usage

This word cloud displays your most frequently used plugins within a selected date range. Plugins with higher use will be in larger font size.