Course 4: Introduction to Format Query Language

Format Query Language (FQL) is how automatic decisions, or any conditional, is expressed in InsightConnect. This is a foundational element of creating or modifying workflows.

Format Query Language use case examples

These use cases demonstrate how to apply FQL in InsightConnect. These are meant to be examples that can be applied to many situations with varying degrees of modification.

Filtering workflow inputs

The following is a basic example that you can apply to almost any workflow as-is. You can also build on this example to create more complex behavior.

Driving a decision point with Active Directory

This example is a little more complicated and narrowly focused. It makes the following assumptions:

  • You have an Active Directory connection set up in InsightConnect.
  • The usernames in Slack and Active Directory are consistent.

You can use this approach as a reference to apply other decision logic based on different inputs.

Additional FQL resources

Check out our FQL documentation to learn about the data types, operators, and functions that you can use with FQL.