Quick Actions

Quick Actions are preconfigured automation actions you can run within InsightConnect to get the answers you need fast. You can leverage Quick Actions with no configuration required, without deploying an Orchestrator or creating a single Connection.

How to use Quick Actions

Quick Actions are available on the InsightConnect Home page.

Quick Action Button

Select the Quick Action button and you will see a panel open with all available actions. Each action expects a certain input, such as an IP Address, Email Address, File Hash, Domain, Vulnerability, Exploit, or similar indicator.

Quick Action Input

Available actions

Quick Actions initially includes a flagship action "Lookup IP Address with WHOIS". We will be expanding the list of available actions as we build more.

Review Quick Action results

When your action completes, the results display within the Quick Action panel. If you want to take additional actions from here, simply copy any relevant data to your clipboard for use as input in your next action.

Quick Action Input

Don't forget to copy your Quick Action results!

Quick Action results are temporary. They will not be saved once you close the panel.