Reusable Elements

Reusable elements, such as triggers and connections, are components of workflows that you can reuse in new ones. These are typically set up during workflow configuration, but are also accessible from the “Reusable Elements” page if you need to manage them separately.


Triggers are events that kick off workflows, and are reusable. When you create API triggers, or install plugins that include triggers, they will be available on the “Reusable Elements” page, as well as in the “Trigger Configuration” panel.


Connections are individual instances of configured credentials and other information needed to authenticate to third-party tools you use in InsightConnect. Credentials within a connection contain the sensitive information, such as a password or API key.

You will need to configure a new connection for every credential set you want to use with an integration. For example, if you need to use data from three Okta users, you must add three connections: one per user, configured for the Okta plugin.

You can configure connections while setting up triggers or other steps, or directly in the Connections tab on the Reusable Elements page.

Global Artifacts

Global Artifacts enable you to leverage data from existing workflows or store lists of data (such as trusted IP addresses) in a centralized location that can be reused in multiple workflows. You can access your global artifacts from the Global Artifacts tab, which is available on the Reusable Elements page.