Troubleshoot a Connection Test

Connection tests can time out or throw errors. This may be due to incorrect credentials or parameters, orchestrator problems, vendor issues, or other causes. In the event a connection test does not pass, try the following suggestions to troubleshoot the connection.

Troubleshoot an Error

If your test results in an error status, expand the test details by clicking “View” from the connection’s drop-down. Then open the “Test Status” tab and click on a test to expand the test details.

  1. Check that the provided credentials are correct and modify any parameters as necessary.
  2. Review the test logs by expanding the test details on the Test Status tab. Check for error messages in the logs, and try to remediate the problem with the information provided in the error messages. For example, if you see the message API key incorrect length, keys are 64 characters, edit your connection’s configurations to correct the API key length.
  3. Run the test again by selecting Retry Test from the connection’s dropdown on the “Reusable Elements” page.
  4. If you are unable to remediate the error using information from the logs, reach out to our support team.

Troubleshoot a Timeout

It is highly likely that your test failed due to an unresponsive orchestrator. You may see the error message No response from orchestrator. Check orchestrator health to troubleshoot. Test will resume after response from orchestrator. If so, find the orchestrator under “Settings” and make sure the orchestrator you’ve assigned to this connection to is running properly.

If your orchestrator is down or has problems, contact the Rapid7 support team.