Troubleshoot a Workflow

If the Investigation timeline or Automation history status indicates that your workflow failed, complete the following:

  1. Go to Automation > History to see all job history.
  2. Select the failed workflow job.
  3. Select the All Outputs tab.
  4. Find the step containing the error
  5. Select the Logs tab, review the details, and attempt to fix the issue.

Workflows can fail for a variety of reasons:

  • The connection and credential information is incorrect
  • The step input is incorrect, malformed, or unexpected
  • The step outputs a null state, leading to a failure

Each plugin emits a unique error, so you may need to review the vendor’s documentation to troubleshoot these errors. Find these by opening the plugin information.

If you do not see any errors, or there are errors you cannot fix, please take a screenshot of your Inputs and Logs and reach out to Rapid7 Support.

Step Errors

What do step errors mean? A step error indicates that during the execution of a job, the job failed at that specific step and stops the execution.

However, for action steps, you have the option for the workflow to continue on a step failure.

Why do step errors occur? As detailed in previous sections, there are a wide variety of reasons. Sometimes there are bugs with the service a plugin is connected to, or there are network issues that manifest when trying to use a plugin. Or human error occurs and there might be a bug in the InsightConnect engine or one of our plugins.