Uninstall the Orchestrator

This page will walk you through how to uninstall the InsightConnect orchestrator.

Uninstallation Process

  1. First we have to stop the rapid7-orchestrator process on the instance running it. To do this, use the below command:

    sudo systemctl stop rapid7-orchestrator

    You then will be prompted to enter your sudo password, once entered the command will stop the running process.

  2. Next, we have to remove the rapid7-orchestrator, by using the following command:

    sudo rpm -e rapid7-orchestrator

    Again, you will be prompted for sudo password as this action requires administrative permissions. Once these are provided, the rapid7-orchestrator will be removed from your system.

The commands provided above will work for both CentOS and RHEL (Red Hat Enterprise Linux). They will remove the main componets of the orchestrator. Additional dependencies such as Docker and IPtables will need to be uninstalled separately.