Plugins bring your security stack together in one orchestrated workflow. Learn more about what InsightConnect's most popular plugins can help you with here, then follow the instructions below to implement them in your workflows.

Click Settings > Plugins in your left menu to open the “Plugins” page.

Import Plugins

To import a new plugin:

  1. On the “Plugins” page, click Import a Plugin in the top right.
  2. Select one of the following import methods:
  • Browse Extension Library - Browse a list of available plugins from The Extension Library.
  • Import from Local Drive - Allows you to drag and drop complete plugin .tar files from your computer. Typically used for plugin development.
  1. Choose the plugin you want to add to InsightConnect.
  1. Click Next to review plugin details.
  2. Click Import.

Plugin Help Documentation

Every plugin comes with documentation. Plugin help documentation can be viewed in the following locations:

  • In InsightConnect, navigate to Settings > Plugins & Tools, then click the ellipses ... button and select View.
  • In the Extension Library, find the plugin and open the plugin details page.

Both in InsightConnect and in the Extension Library, plugin documentation includes two tabs:

  1. The Overview tab contains a description of the plugin, key features enabled by the plugin, and requirements for use
  2. The Help/Documentation tab contains detailed descriptions of the plugin connection (if applicable), actions, and triggers available with the plugin.