Use Plugins

Plugins bring your security stack together in one, orchestrated workflow. Learn more about what InsightConnect's most popular plugins can help you with here, then follow the instructions below to implement them in your workflows.

Click Settings > Plugins in your left menu to open the “Plugins” page.

Import Plugins

To import a new plugin:

  1. On the “Plugins” page, click Import a Plugin in the top right.
  2. Select one of the following import methods:
  • Import from Local Drive - Allows you to drag and drop complete plugin .tar files from your computer.
  • Import from Marketplace - Browse a list of available plugins from the InsightConnect Marketplace.
  1. Choose the plugin you want to add to InsightConnect.
  • If you are using the InsightConnect Marketplace, plugins are sorted by product name.
  1. Click Next to review plugin details.
  2. Click Import.

Find Plugin Documentation

Every plugin comes with documentation, which you can view by clicking on Plugin Docs during plugin selection in the configuration panel. Find the full list of a plugin's triggers and actions on the "Overview" tab, get configuration guidance on the "Help" tab, and review the full plugin spec on the "Specification" tab.

You can also find plugin documentation from the "Plugins" page under "Settings" by clicking on any plugin's dropdown menu button.

Update Plugins

When your plugins need to be updated, you will see a notification at the top of the "Plugins" page. Click on the link provided to update all plugins.

Alternatively, you can individually update plugins by clicking on the three dots on the right side of the plugin card. Plugins requiring updates will have an orange dot on the left side of the card.

Update Workflow Plugins

After you update your plugins on the “Plugins” page, you will be able to update the plugins in each of your workflows. Click Workflows in your left menu to see if any of your workflows have available plugin updates. Similarly to the “Plugins” page, each workflow will indicate the number of available plugin updates in an orange dot on the left side of the workflow card.

NOTE - Plugins can only update in draft form

To preserve the integrity of your existing active workflow, you can only apply plugin updates to workflow drafts. Plugin update notifications on the “Active Workflows” page will direct you to open the draft of that workflow to apply those updates.

To apply plugin updates to your workflow:

  1. On your “Workflow Drafts” page, browse to the workflow you want to update and click the three dots on the right side of the card. Click Update Plugins. The plugin update window appears.
  • If your active workflow does not have an existing draft yet, you can do the same from the “Active Workflows” page. This will create a new draft of this workflow for you.
  1. The plugin update window displays all workflow steps that have plugin updates available. If possible, InsightConnect indicates which steps are eligible for automatic plugin updates.

IMPORTANT - Major version plugin updates

Some plugin updates may have major version changes that could potentially break your workflow. Plugin updates of this kind cannot be updated automatically and require manual edits to your workflow steps instead.

  1. Select any plugin steps that you want to update automatically and click Updated Selected Step. To perform manual updates, click Edit Workflow.