Copy Event Sources to a New Collector

There may be times when you want to use an existing Collector as the starting point for another Collector. Because the existing Collector already has many of the event sources that you need, you will just need to make a few modifications for your new Collector. To copy event sources to a new Collector:

  1. Click Data Collection from the InsightIDR menu.
  2. Click Manage Collectors from the "Setup Collector" dropdown menu.
  3. Click the Copy event sources link for the Collector that you want to copy or install a new one.
  1. Select the Target Collector (the Collector you want to copy the Event Sources to) from the "Target Collector" dropdown menu.
  2. Choose to copy all event sources or select multiple ones from the list.

If you saved the event source credential before you created the new Collector, you must reenter the credential.

  1. Click the Copy button.

The new event sources should appear immediately.