Dashboards and Reports


Dashboards allow you to create personalized visualizations of your network traffic, data streams, and alphanumeric data so that you can gain a deeper insight into your environment and identify trends over time.

Learn how to Create and Manage Dashboards.

Looking for information about the Security Operations Activity dashboard?

The Security Operations Activity dashboard helps you monitor your security operations activities, making it easier to respond to alerts, report on threat trends, and analyze the overall effectiveness of your security team.


InsightIDR provides a card library, which contains pre-configured cards that you can mix and match to capture and display the data you care about most in your dashboards. Learn how to Add and Manage Cards.


If you want to further customize your dashboards, you can use our Query Builder to drill down deeper into your data. To quickly access your dashboards, you can add labels to group dashboards together, which makes it easy to search for visualizations based on a common theme or shared attribute.

Learn how to Build a Query or see Example Queries.


InsightIDR allows you to create reports out of your custom dashboards. You can generate reports a single time or on a unique or preconfigured schedule. These reports will download as PDFs, which you can then share with whomever you'd like.

Learn how to Generate and Manage Reports.