Email Notifications

By default, InsightIDR sends you email notifications any time there is an alert or a data collection issue, such as an inactive Collector. You can turn the email notifications on or off from the Profile Settings menu.

Manage Email Alerts

Email settings are moving to a new location

As of January 2023, email settings are moving from the Profile Settings menu at the top right of the screen to a new section of the left navigation, which you can find by clicking Settings -> User Preferences. This navigation update is taking place as part of a phased release, so if your environment is not yet displaying the new settings menu, you can expect to see the updates shortly.

To manage your email alerts:

  1. Go to InsightIDR.
  2. In the upper right corner, click your profile to open the dropdown menu.
  1. Click Profile Settings.
  2. Toggle the Email Alerts button to turn on or off your email alerts.