Heroku drains

InsightOps supports logging from Heroku.


Create a log to send the Heroku logs to

  1. Log in to InsightOps and create a new log by clicking the "Add Data" button in the Data Collection page.
  2. Click the "Quick add" button.
  3. Name your log and select an existing Log set or create a new one
  4. Select Token TCP and click the "Create new log" button.
  5. Take note of the displayed token for later use.

Configure Heroku Log drain

You can use the HTTPS drain option to have Heroku send the logs to InsightOps. You will need to provide the URL to configure Heroku.

  1. The endpoint will be http://us.webhook.logs.insight.rapid7.com or http://eu.webhook.logs.insight.rapid7.com, depending on which region your InsightOps account is in.
  2. Add the token to the URL: https://<REGION>.webhook.logs.insight.rapid7.com/v1/drain/<LOG-TOKEN>
  3. Configure Heroku:
heroku drains:add https://<REGION>.webhook.logs.insight.rapid7.com/v1/drain/<LOG_TOKEN> -a="APP_NAME"

For more detailed documentation, please refer to the Heroku documentation.