MFA Settings

You can enable Multi-Factor Authentication to your InsightOps account through the account settings area. This will require that users must enter a once-off code after they successfully enter their username and password.


  • Login to your InsightOps account and go to the account settings section (cog icon in left hand menu)
  • Select MFA Settings from the menu
  • Click the "enable" slider
  • Select how often users should be prompted to enter the code
  • Select the ways that users can authenticate
  • Choose which users should require MFA

Configuration for users

  • When MFA has been enabled, users will need to configure their logon procedure the next time they logon
  • The user will be prompted with the available options
    • OKTA Verify
    • OKTA Push
    • SMS Authentication
    • Google Authenticator App
  • After selecting an option, the user will be prompted to select their device, if they chose a method which requires an app.
  • They will then be prompted to install the relevant app
  • The user will be prompted to scan a barcode (if they selected an app)

  • The user will then be prompted to enter the corresponding code from the app on their phone

  • If SMS authentication was selected, the user will be prompted to enter their mobile number. Note that this will only work for US and Canada phone numbers.