Cloud Configuration Assessment, Container Security, and Built-in Automation Workflows change in feature availability announcement

Starting March 13, 2023, Rapid7 will make a change to the following features:

  • Cloud Configuration Assessment (CCA)
  • Container Security
  • Built-in Automation Workflows - Automated Containment (Carbon Black, Cisco ISE, Palo Alto PAN-OS) and Automation-Assisted Patching (IBM BigFix, Microsoft SCCM)

These features will no longer be offered and will be unavailable for existing users if you do not utilize these features before March 13, 2023. If you meet the criteria of an active user, disregard this announcement as you will not be impacted.

If you are interested in these features but haven’t had the chance to implement them within your environment, you’ll have the opportunity to do so through our Cloud Risk Complete (CRC) offering.

Schedule of Events

February 13, 2023Rapid7 announces that CCA, Container Security, and Built-in Automation Workflows will no longer be supported by InsightVM.
March 13, 2023Rapid7 no longer offers CCA, Container Security, and Built-in Automation Workflows for prospective InsightVM customers, and ends support for non-active users of these features.

Note: Support will continue for active users of these features. Additionally, these features are available in our CRC offering.
February 15, 2024Rapid7 announces that CCA is End-of-Life and will be removed from InsightVM.
February 15, 2025CCA is no longer available in InsightVM.


What if I am actively using these features?

If you are actively using these features, support and sustaining updates will continue as normal.

How will I be identified as an active user?

To be identified as an active user, you must use these features before March 13, 2023 and meet the following criteria:

  • CCA - an ICS instance has been provisioned and has one or more cloud connections configured
  • Container Security - images have been assessed through manual assessment, a container in your environment has been correlated, a supported registry connection has been added, a kubernetes monitor has been deployed, or you have a CI/CD plugin
  • Built-in Automation Workflows - an orchestrator has been deployed, triggering an in-product workflow

What is CRC?

Cloud Risk Complete (CRC) is a Rapid7 offering that consolidates, optimizes, and automates everything seamlessly so you can manage escalating risks. For more information about CRC, see our solutions breakdown.

Who should I contact if I have more questions?

Reach out to your CSM with any additional questions.