Container Image Scanner

Feature availability notice

Rapid7 no longer offers Container Security for new InsightVM customers. This feature is available to eligible InsightVM users only. If interested in this feature, see our Cloud Risk Complete offering.

The Container Image Scanner is a Docker image that can collect information about images. You can run the Container Image Scanner locally or as part of a CI/CD build pipeline. Once the image is scanned, it will send this data to InsightVM and assess these images in the cloud. You’ll find your assessment findings as a JSON-formatted output in your terminal.


You can use the Container Image Scanner to:

  • Scan container images with almost any CI/CD system.
  • Enable quality gating to prevent images with vulnerabilities from being published or used in production.
  • Run anywhere with access to InsightVM.

Things to know

The Container Image Scanner has the following characteristics:

  • It outputs results in terminal.
  • It captures results in a command line interface.
  • It needs to be manually run per use.
  • You can automate it through scripting in your CI/CD system.


To use this component, you need the following items:

  • A Docker host to run the application, such as Docker, Docker Swarm, or Kubernetes.
  • An Insight account that is registered to Insight platform - the Security Console must also be activated on the Insight platform.
  • A Rapid7 API Key.


The region you specify must match the region that has been selected previously in InsightVM.

Before starting, confirm that the following requirements are met:

If you meet the above requirements, proceed to the “Generate a Rapid7 API Key” section of this page.


You’ll use the Rapid7 API key to access the Rapid7 Insight platform API. In order to access the Insight platform, you will need a Rapid7 Insight account, which is different from your Security Console account.

Generate a Rapid7 API key

After activating or signing in to your Insight account, you’ll need to generate an API key, which will display in the “Organization Key” table. Keep it handy, since you’ll need a copy to integrate the Docker image with your Insight account in the “Deploy the Registry Sync App” section.


If you lose or forget your API key, you will need to revoke it and generate a new one.

Deploy the Container Image Scanner

Follow these instructions to deploy the Docker image:

  1. Access the docker image at DockerHub (
  2. With your Rapid7 API key handy, follow the deployment and usage instructions (

Run the Container Image Scanner with parameters

When launching the container in order to configure the app, you must pass the configuration as parameters. See the Container Image Scanner Docker Hub page ( run commands and technical details. After running the container, the JSON output will print to stdout.


You can capture the JSON output with shell redirection or pipes.