Disable InsightVM Platform Login

Disabling the Platform Login

As of product release 6.6.86 (June 2, 2021), you are able to disable the InsightVM Platform Login through the Run section of InsightVM.

Vulnerability exposure risk

We strongly recommend that you continue to use InsightVM Platform Login. If you choose to disable the InsightVM Platform Login, your environment may be vulnerable to insufficient session expiration.

Who can disable InsightVM Platform Login?

You must have the necessary administrator privileges to complete this request.

Disable your InsightVM Platform Login with the following steps:

  1. In the navigation menu, click Administration > Maintenance, Storage and Troubleshooting > Run.
  2. Enter one of these commands:
    • To disable a single user, enter "platform-login disable user1"
    • To disable multiple users, enter "platform-login disable user1, user2, user3"
    • To disable all users, enter "platform-login disable *"

If you do not choose to disable all users at once, a global administrator must remain enabled for InsightVM Platform Login until all non-administrative users have been reverted.

For further assistance, reach out to our support team through the Customer Support Portal.