This section provides useful information and tools to help you get optimal use out of the application.

Application encryption types: This section lists the types of encryption used in various components of the applicaton.

Scan templates: This section lists all built-in scan templates and their settings. It provides suggestions for when to use each template.

Report templates and sections: This section lists all built-in report templates and the information that each contains. It also lists and describes report sections that make up document report templates and data fields that make up CSV export templates. This information is useful for configuring custom report templates.

Performing configuration assessment: This section describes how you can use the application to verify compliance with configuration security standards such as USGCB and CIS.

SCAP compliance: This section describes how the application supports various SCAP standards for compliance as an Unauthenticated Scanner product.

Using regular expressions: This section provides tips on using regular expressions in various activities, such as configuring scan authentication on Web targets.

Using Exploit Exposure: This section describes how the application integrates exploitability data for vulnerabilities.

Glossary: This section lists and defines terms used and referenced in the application.