Share Goals or SLAs

You can share goals to your team who will work toward achieving the goals, or share with a manager to demonstrate progress. These goals can be shared on dashboards. You can also revoke access to shared goals.

Goal Sharing Roles

You can either be the goal owner or the recipient of a goal shared with you.

  • Owner - Person who creates and shares the goal. They control access to the goal and can add or remove colleagues.
  • Goal Recipient - Person with whom the goal owner shares a goal with. A recipient can only see a shared goal - they cannot edit, copy, or delete a shared goal.

Share Goals With Others (Owner)

As the owner, when you create a goal, you can share it with colleagues. While you’re in the goal wizard, add your coworkers in the 3rd step (Review). Select the people from the Share With drop down menu to share the goal with them.

View a Goal (Recipient)

If a colleague shares a goal with you, you can view the goal's details, but you cannot edit them, nor can you copy or delete the goal. These actions will be disabled in the Goals and SLAs tab where you manage your goals.

No Permissions to View Goals or SLAs (Recipient)

If the Create Goal button is disabled (grayed out) this means that you do not have permission to view that specific goal or SLA on the security console. Reach out to your global administrator for permission.

Shared Goal Dashboard Card Behavior

If you make a dashboard card with a shared goal, you will have to give your colleagues separate access in order for them to see it when you make the dashboard. If a user does not have access to the shared dashboard card, they will see a notification in the dashboard.