Upload externally created report templates signed by Rapid7

If you need to generate tailored reports that go beyond the capabilities of the built-in report formats offered by InsightVM, the Security Console features a template file upload tool for this purpose.

You can request the creation of a custom report template through our Product Consulting team.


You must meet the following requirements to upload externally created report templates:

  • Licensing - Your InsightVM license must allow you to use externally created report templates for the upload tool to be available in the Security Console.
  • File format - Signed report template files must be uploaded in Java Archive (.JAR) format.
  • Template signing - You can only upload report templates that have been cryptographically signed by Rapid7’s Product Consulting team.

Will Rapid7 sign a report template that I create myself?

To guard against potential data consistency problems that could arise as InsightVM undergoes further development, we will not sign custom report templates created outside of Rapid7’s supervision. However, you can create and use your own custom reports by deploying and configuring a data warehouse to leverage with your own reporting tool.

See the data warehouse documentation for instructions and schema information.

Upload a signed report template

When you’re ready to upload your signed report template, download the template .JAR file to your local machine and complete the following steps in InsightVM:

  1. Click the Reports tab in your left menu.
  2. On the report creation screen, click the Manage report templates tab and click New above the template table.
  3. On the Create a New Report Template panel in the General section, open the Template type dropdown and select Upload a template file. The Content section of the panel changes to a file upload field.
  4. Click Browse to locate and select your report template file.
  5. Finally, give your report template a name and suitable description so you can identify it easily in InsightVM.
  6. Click Save to finish.

Your new custom report template is now available for use in InsightVM. You can view this report template and make any name and description changes going forward from the Manage report templates tab.