Issue Restarting on Windows Due to RangeError


Unable to restart Windows due to RangeError.


Your SSL certificate has an expiration date set after January 1, 2038. Windows 64-bit systems still use 32-bit timestamps, which prevent them from handling SSL certificates with expiration dates after 2038.

To verify that the timestamp issue is the cause of your problem, open prosvc.log and find the following error:

bignum too big to convert into `long'


  1. Go to your Metasploit install directory and find the following file: path\to\metasploit\apps\pro\vendor\bundle\ruby<ruby version>\metasploit-framework-\lib\msf\core\payload\android.rb.
  2. Open the file with an editor.
  3. Change the following line cert.not_after = cert.not_before + 3600*24*365*20 # 20 years to cert.not_after = cert.not_before + 63072000 # 2 years.
  4. Save your changes.

You should be able to restart Metasploit Pro after making these changes. After you're able to successfully start Metasploit Pro, we recommend that you apply the next update that is available.