Nexpose Scan Blackout

A scan blackout prevents a Nexpose scan from taking place during a specific time period. If you attempt to run a Nexpose scan from Metasploit during a blackout, the scan will launch, but will show an error like the following in the task log:

Starting Nexpose Scan
[*] [2015.07.22-16:28:03] >> Created temporary site #27 Metasploit1234
[-] [2015.07.22-16:28:03] Auxiliary failed: Nexpose::APIError NexposeAPI: Action failed:
[-] [2015.07.22-16:28:03] Call stack:
[-] [2015.07.22-16:28:03] /Users/rapid7/pro/msf3/lib/rapid7/nexpose.rb:225:in `execute'

You must wait until the blackout is over to run the scan.

To find out when the blackout ends, log in to your Nexpose Console and do the following:

  1. Go to the Administration page.
  2. From the Scan Options, find the Global Blackouts category and select Manage.
  3. Review the existing global and site blackout periods.