Scan property tuning options for specific use cases

Nexpose allows you to apply your own tuning options for specific scanning use cases by modifying a file in either your Security Console or Scan Engine installation directory. See the following articles for use case information and configuration instructions:

  • Set maximum scan duration per device - If long-running scans are negatively impacting your environment, you can configure a maximum scan time allowance on each of your Scan Engines as a stopgap solution.
  • Set maximum concurrent scans per engine - If your Scan Engines are suffering a performance impact due to multiple simultaneous scan jobs, you can configure a maximum concurrent scan job limit on each of your Scan Engines to avoid this problem.
  • Set a Scan Engine proxy for the Security Console - If you need to route Scan Engine communications through a proxy before it reaches your Security Console, follow the procedure in this article to configure a proxy address.