Jul 07, 20233.8.236


  • MaxDatabaseSize. We have increased the default MaxDatabaseSize value in the scan config value to 4GB to match that of the AppSpider engine.
  • We updated the IncludeDbInZip parameter under Advanced Options>ReportConfig in the Scan Config to be enabled as default as AppSpider Enterprise requires the database files in order to regenerate the report.


  • We fixed an issue where a multi-client user got an UnauthorizedAccess error when trying to schedule a scan using the AppSpider Enterprise API.
  • The Remember my choice option on the Select Client screen is now being correctly retained for SAML users.
  • We fixed an issue where the Connection Protection selection on the Configure AD LDS Integration in membership page of the AppSpider Enterprise Installer wizard was not setting the ldapSSL attribute in the NTOE.config file.
  • The correct authenticated user now appears on regenerated reports.
  • Forgotten passwords and password reset emails are now working correctly.