Feb 28, 20222022.02.28


  • GitHub Actions integration. The InsightAppSec Scan GitHub Action allows security and development teams to integrate dynamic application security testing (DAST) into the CI/CD pipeline. This GitHub Action allows you to easily kick-off an InsightAppSec scan and collect result feedback as part of your software workflows. Learn more in Add InsightAppScans into your GitHub Workflow in the InsightAppSec documentation.
  • Create and apply app-level filters to your dashboards. You can now create dashboards specific to individual apps or groups of apps by applying filters to help you more easily view and understand your app data. Adding dashboards filters helps you to better match your business structure, highlight the data that’s most important to your security program’s goals, remove non-essential data that’s already been triaged, and provide different views of your data. For more information, see Filter Dashboards in the InsightAppSec documentation.


  • Updated Scan Engine Version. We released Version 7.4.038 of the scan engine. For more information, see the AppSpider Release Notes.
  • Include ignored vulnerabilities in reports. To expand your scan reporting options, you can include ignored vulnerabilities in your reports.


  • The attack descriptions in the Vulnerability Details appear correctly again.
  • The duration of a scan displays while scans are running.
  • For executive reports, the Month picker in non-UTC timezones now correctly displays the month of December.
  • The App Vulnerability page now uses the same color coding as the All Apps page.