Jul 27, 20226.6.153


  • Agent assessment. When an agent assessment is imported and a difference is noticed when comparing host types, the host type is now updated for that asset based on the current assessment.

  • Tagging functionality. Tags can now be removed from the expanded view in the Custom, Location, and Owners tags.

  • Azure discovery connections. Azure discovery connections no longer shut down when they encounter 404 responses while importing assets.

  • DISA benchmarks. We added built in support for the following DISA benchmarks:

    • Canonical Ubuntu 18.04 LTS STIG Benchmark - Version 2, Release 6
    • Canonical Ubuntu 20.04 LTS STIG Benchmark - Version 1, Release 2
    • Microsoft Windows Server 2016 STIG Benchmark - Version 2, Release 2


  • The tooltip located to the right of the global search bar has been removed due to incorrectly populated information.

  • The correct value is now displayed for the percentage of solutions resolved on the Remediation Project listing table.

  • Resolved an issue preventing some users from configuring the Jira ticketing integration for Remediation Projects.

  • A bug fix introduced in product version 6.6.151 for version 2.3.0 of the Reporting Data Model has been reverted to correct the removal of agent scans from the SQL Export Report.