Jun 12, 20246.6.256


  • Microsoft Patch Tuesday coverage. This release includes new Microsoft Patch Tuesday content for updated scan coverage for June 2024. Check out our blog post for details.
  • Multiple network interface cards. Users can now report on their assets with multiple network interface cards. This change is enabled by an improvement to our vulnerability correlation algorithm. All IPv4 addresses, Windows OS, and Linux OS are supported.


  • JCIFS hostnames. We improved the code flow around JCIFS hostname handling. Now, JCIFS hostnames are generated with a pattern that can be used for filtering purposes. This change reduces the likelihood of JCIFS generating random workstation names on Windows which could lead to the unknown names being flagged by other security software.


  • The First Found values within the Instances table on the Vulnerability Summary pages now correctly indicate the first time a vulnerability is discovered on a per asset basis. Additionally, the First Found values within the Vulnerabilities table on the Asset page now correctly indicate when a vulnerability is first discovered on an asset.