Use your Network Sensor Data

After deploying your Network Sensor, you will be able to access network traffic data within InsightIDR for a wide range of use cases.

Manage your Network Sensor and analyze DNS and DHCP data

This video explains how to check your sensor health to ensure that your sensors are deployed correctly, analyze DNS metadata, and work with DHCP metadata that is passively captured from the sensor. To learn more about managing your Network Sensor, see the Network Sensor Management page.

View and investigate Intrusion Detection System alerts

In this video, learn how to view Intrusion Detection System (IDS) alerts through log search as well as build investigations around alerts. If you have access to InsightIDR's Ultimate package, or the Enhanced Network Traffic Analysis add-on module, you can also add network flow data to investigations.

About Enhanced Network Traffic Analysis (ENTA)

Enhanced Network Traffic Analysis is an Ultimate package feature, previously available as an add-on module. ENTA generates network flow data which delivers a constant feed of what assets are connecting to and what network protocols they are using. For more information on using network flow data in InsightIDR, visit Network Traffic Analysis.