Insight Orchestrator overview

The Insight Orchestrator unlocks the ability for you to execute automated workflows inside your network. The orchestrator is an important part of the SOAR experience on the Insight Platform. Most InsightConnect workflows require an orchestrator to run, so familiarizing yourself with the tool, its specifications, and how it works is important for long-term success. Please see the Setup and deployment for the orchestrator on the Insight Connect Documentation Here

Required Settings

Ensure that the following domains and ports are accessible to the orchestrator. Please note that these differ slightly from the InsightConnect Documentation:

  • {region}
  • {region}
    • If you're outside of the US region, or your data is in 'us2' or us3', you will also need to open your local region: {region}
    • Replace the {region} section with the code for your area: us2, us3, eu, ap, ca, or au.
  • Port 443 / TCP for HTTPS egress
  • (EPEL packages on CentOS)
  • (Docker packages on CentOS)
  • for nightly updates to the orchestrator

If XFS is your current filesystem, the ftype setting must be correct for Docker. To check that you have this setting, run xfs_info / | grep ftype=1 | wc -l in a terminal window. The command should return 1. If it doesn't, your XFS filesystem is not compatible with our Docker installation.