Add Comments

In Rapid7 Services, you can directly communicate with your Project Manager or Customer Advisor in a report.

Comment in a Service

When you purchase a service, you can communicate directly with your Rapid7 Customer Advisor or Project Manager.

Comment in a service

Comment on Reports

Comments and questions on a report can help clarify confusion, ask for additional information, or communicate simple information.

To comment on a report:

  1. Navigate to Rapid7 Services.
  2. On the left hand menu, select Reports.
  3. Find the report you want to comment on.
  4. For PDF or HTML reports, click directly on the report name. A new page will appear that allows you to review the report while concurrently leaving a comment.
  5. For all other report types, select the speech bubble to the right of your report. A panel will appear on the right.

Comment on a report

  1. Enter your comments and press Submit.

Submit a comment

When you leave a comment, your Customer Advisor or Project Manager will receive a notification. When they reply to you, an in-app notification appears in your notification center and as an email alert.