Add Users to a Service

If you want a team or team member to receive notifications for a specific service, or if you want that user to have specific permissions within a service, you must add them to that specific service.

First, add the user to the Insight platform.

Want a user who can only see reports?

Create a platform user with a "read only" role without admin privileges if you only want to provide viewing access to reports.

Then, to add users to a service:

  1. From the home page, select the View button on the Service tile.

Adding users to a service

  1. Find the team section for your organization at the bottom of the page.
  2. Click the (+) icon.

Add button

  1. Search and/or select the team members or search for them from the list and click Add.

Adding team members

Remove Team Members

To remove team members from a service, simply select the (-) symbol and then confirm the deletion in the pop-up message.

Removing team members